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Végh Chinese bow – Hou Yi – wooden laminated bow

With very, very long draw length, shiny and graceful shapes!!!!

A graceful, eye-catching form from the golden age of Chinese civilization. We recommend it to anyone who loves long and soft draw bows. Pull it far behind your ear and enjoy the exploding feel and the high-speed impact of the arrow (without feeling anything in the grip)!

Normally available in poundages 20-55 #. Bow strength is measured at 28 inches of draw on the outside of the grip (handle).

Length of the String: 145 cm

Brace high: 17,5 – 20 cm 

Advised draw length: 35"

Max draw length: 36"

Mainly used wood: ash, bamboo

Bow accessories what is included in price: 652 spectra string, bow canvas case, string holder 

Warranty for the bows under 59 lbs: 1 year, Warranty for the bows more than 60 lbs: 6 months

We provide free shipping in Europe with GLS courier.

Shipping to USA, Canada: Normal post service is include in price, Fedex (2-3 days) 90.00 Eur,

Shipping to Australia, New Zealand: Normal post fee 35.00 Eur (5-10 days), Fedex (4-5 days) 150.00 Eur

About shipping to another countries please contact us! 


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