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Standard Arrows


Spined, measured standard arrows made by Peter Bogar

Diferrence for 12 pieces / 1 dozen of arrows: 0,5 gram / 8 grain

Material: pine wood, diameter: 5/16

Price is for one arrow piece.

Made for accurate draw length and bow type

The arrow length includes the point. 

Fine varnish layer 

Feather: 3” (shield / parabolic) (longer feather fo extra fee: 4” + 0,50 eur per arrow, 5” + 0,80 eur per arrow)

Nock: plastic (self-nock for extra fee + 1,00 eur per arrow)

Design: mordant (aviable colors: yellow, orange, teak, red, blue, green, black, rustical, nahagon)

Painting: barrage line (aviable colors: black, magenta, bourbon, turquoise, blue, lipstick red, green, metal colors: baroque gold, violet, gold, green, silver, red copper, blue, antique copper)

The pictures serve as a sample

By your order you agree with this rule: In case if you order your arrows and cancel the order after the arrows are ready, we will deduct 50% for material costs.

Into comment please let us to know: shooting technique: 3 fingers or thumb, color for feathers, poundage of the bow and type, draw length, color for mordant and striping if needed..

Production time is depending on the waiting list, approximately 2-3 months.

Shipping to Austria and Germany: 9.90 Eur per package.

Shipping to another European countries: 14.90 Eur per package.

To another countries please contact for shipping fee in email.


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