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Végh Bows
Fetih Short Turkish Bows


Fetih Short Turkish bow.

Reduced version or popular Végh Turkish bow. Latest development of Véghbow.

Compact size and high performance without hand shock advised for advanced archers. 

Smooth, comfortable draw, nice curves, and high speed.

Is suitable for foot and horsebackarchers too and advised especially for thumb ring archers. 

Normally available poundages 30-55#. 

Brace height: 18,5 – 19,5 cm 

Advised gpp 9-10, minimum 8gpp

Advised draw length 30".

Max. draw length 31".

Bow strength is measured at 28 inches of draw on the outside of the grip (handle).

String length: 114 cm.

Mainly used wood: ash, bamboo

Bow accessories what is included in price: 652 spectra string, bow canvas case, string holder 

Warranty by producer for the bows under 59 lbs: 1 year, bows more than 60 lbs: 6 months

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