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Bogár Bows
Bogár Bows


Bogár Assyrian Bow – wooden laminated bow

The bow is made by Peter Bogár from Slovakia, who is a well-known traditional archer and flight shooter.

The purpose of creating the bow was to make a lightweight, fast, accurate, graceful and user-friendly bow with traditional shape as possible. 

The bow is user-friendly, we advise from beginner archers up to advanced, is easy to string it due to the shape of the bow.

Length of the String: 124 cm

Recommended brace height: 17,5 – 21 cm

The black dot on the upper limb is for self-marking, does not affect the function and quality of the bow

Advised draw length: 31”

Maximum Draw Length: 32”

Advised arrow weigth: 9 – 10 gpp, minimum 8 gpp

Mainly used wood: ash, bamboo

Bow accessories what is included in price: 652 spectra string, bow canvas case, string holder 

Warranty for the bows under 59lbs: 1 year. Warranty for the bows more than 60 lbs: 6 months

We provide free shipping in Europe with GLS courier.

Shipping to USA, Canada: Normal post service is include in price, Fedex (2-3 days) 90.00 Eur,

Shipping to Australia, New Zealand: Normal post fee 35.00 Eur (5-10 days), Fedex (4-5 days) 150.00 Eur

About shipping to another countries please contact us via email! 

Please note: If your order the assyrian bow with a poundage what is not on stock, there is a waiting time for it until we will produce the awaited lbs, and it takes several months.

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