Powerful and accurate bow shape derived from the Turkish composite bow used during the Ottoman Empire. Currently the most famous selling model from the bowyer. This bow type is capable for very good result in target archery and flight shooting. The bow is recommended for beginner and skillful horseback and foot archers.

Peter Bogar, the World Champion in flight shooting is using this model of Végh bow.

Suitable for max. draw length 32" (81cm).

Standard available pounds strengths of 25-55#.

Bow strength is measured at 28 inches of draw on the outside of the grip (handle).

String length: 124 cm. 

Extra individual needs as extra wood, colour or painting could be ordered.

Végh Turkish Bow
Végh Turkish Bow

Végh Turkish Bow

Base turkish bow made from ash with mordant. Draw Weight: from 32# up to 75# Length of the String: 124 cm Maximum Draw Length: 32”...