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ON STOCK!!! NEW  Hungarian Bogár Bow 

The bow is made by Peter Bogár from Slovakia who is a well-known traditional archer and flight shooter.

The purpose of creating the bow was to make a lightweight, fast, graceful and user-friendly bow with traditional shape as possible.

The bow is user-friendly, but we do not advice to the total beginner archers, because is not easy to string it due to the shape of the bow. 

The form of the Hungarian Bogár bow based on Magyarhomorog-Kónyadomb 103. grave, 10. century.

The bows measurements fits into the measurements of „the hungarian bow“, like lenght, angles. The bow form is similar to the seljuk bow / early mongolian. 

On the bow you can find a sign, is an old “hungarian” writing, the monograms of Peter Bogar PB   

Draw Weight: from 18# up to 55#

Length of the String: 121 cm

Advised draw length until 31”

Maximum Draw Length: 32”

Recommended brace height: 17,5 – 20 cm

Warranty for the bows under 65 lbs: 1 year

Warranty for the bows more than 65 lbs: 6 months

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