Our History

My name is Peter Bogar and I am a business owner which provides equipment mainly for traditional archers.

Personally, I have sixteen year experience shooting from a traditional bow, and every year participating at traditional international archery competitions with outstanding result (I am a flight shooting world champion and multiple winner of each type of competitions).

Through my many years of experience I can provide expert advice on the selection of equipment for traditional archers.

I offer:

- quality traditional bows, I am the sole distributor of Végh bow manufacturer – qualitative Turkish, Tartar, Huns and Hungarian laminated bows,

- self-made high quality wooden arrows,

- targets and archery leather accessories.


If you are interested, please contact me with any issues concerning the shooting of a traditional bow.


Biodata of Peter Bogár

Born in  21/07/1981, Komárno, Slovakia, Europe 

Started traditional archery in year 2002, having experience in traditional archery more than 15 years. 

In year 2004 officially established first traditional archery club in Slovakia called Historical Archery Group Black Falcon. Peter Bogár is the chairman of the organization. The aims of the organization are the following: living history, maintenance of the traditional archery and keeping of nomadic traditions, organization of events, workshops, camps and competitions presenting these traditions, archery shows at cultural programs, talented young archers' support and their education. Every year realize educational project with County Cultural Authority. Attend approximately forty events in Slovakia and abroad per year.  

From year 2008 attend International Traditional Archery Competitions and Festivals with outstanding result in flight shooting and target archery.

In year 2012 established the Slovakian Traditional Archery Association (STAA) and its president. STAA is supporting his members to attend international traditional archery competitions all over the world – Kazakhstan, Turkey, China, Kyrgyzstan, Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland.  

From year 2013 cooperation with Historical Museum Komárno in Slovakia – reconstructions of horn bows, armors and arrows from 6-8th century, presentations at conferences and periodic educations in museums for elementary and high schools.   

From year 2015 cooperation with Hungarian Bow Foundation – guidance to choose the best horn bow of the year, tasks: opinion of horn bows (form, shape, materials), horn bow testing, speed test, shooting practice.  

In year 2015 established own archery enterprise named Bogár Archery. Aim is organizing workshops and open training for traditional archers from whole Slovakia. Through of many years of experience I can provide expert advice on the selection of equipment for traditional archers.

Cooperation with Hungarian Bow Foundation, Polish Traditional Archery Association, HDH IAA, Indonesian Horseback Archery Sport Association, LEAP Programme, Cheval Arc, Chain Reactions, China Archery Association

Recent results:
1st place – 2017, Fetih Kupasi, Istanbul – Team competition in long distance target archery 110 m
1st place – 2016, World Nomad Games 2016, Kyrgyzstan – Flights Shooting category 
1st place – 2016, Ak Mergen, Kazakhstan – Target Archery
1st place – 2016, Fetih Kupasi, Istanbul – Flights Shooting category
1st place – 2015, WTAF, South Korea, world champion in flight shooting
1st and 2nd place – 2015, ETRAC, BIGA, Turkey, Flight shooting
1st place – 2015, Kahramanmaras, Turkey, Flight shooting
1st place – 2014, European championship in Hungary in 4 categories of flight shooting